Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Innate Sense of.....


i miss it.

friends who make you laugh so hard you fall off of your chair....
who accept you for you without a moment's notice....
-kate, khia, nancy-
-obviously me on the floor-

The roommate who always let you borrow her clothes and has the nicest personality ever....

High School. Seriously, I would go back in a heart beat.
These are the people that saw you through your most awkward moments
and still loved you for them.
They're the friends that would invite you out even if you haven't seen them in 5 years.
They're the friends, that if I ever needed anything, I know would have my back.
These are the friends I wish I saw more over the last 5 years...and it hurts every day.
I miss you guys.
-Dani, Ng, Rae, me, Mare-
-Jules, not pictured-
Thanks so much. You'll never even know....

The way I used to celebrate Pioneer Day :)
Utah Holidays....ever so random

These guys, plus 2
words can't even describe how lost I feel sometimes being away
thanks for accepting me, grounding me when i broke curfew by 4 hours,
and for your love and support. not only for me,
but for all of the lives that you touch and no one will ever know...
i do.
i am so blessed.
and i miss you.

thanks for that smile - you made the picture.
you understand,
without these words,
exactly how i feel
we don't even have to say anything more.
miss you
love you
wish i could have all of this back again.

For now, onto living life, one day at a time.
tears don't last forever
and the memories do.

if i had to do 10 things, these would definitely be up there. I would go back and experience all of this all over again.

the feeling of belonging is more than words can say
i miss it


Jalene said...

Krista, this was beautiful. I seriously almost started crying. Can I feature you on my blog? You are just lovely. I heart you.

Katy said...

Incredibly sweet post, K!

I loved the pictures (especially the one of you on your tricycle... that made me almost snort milk out of my nose!!!)

ps... your good friend Jalene, WOW, her blog is OSOM... she's got skilz, baby!

Melly Mae said...

GIRL. isn't it weird how you get married and it can be hard to find real genuine girl friendships again? i miss it too.

Aaron, Whitney, and kids said...

You're not alone, I know exactly how you feel. So I'm glad I'm not the only one because sometimes it makes me feel really awful that I can't just be satisfied with moving on. Its nice that you have such wonderful memories and friends though, huh?

Your post also made me miss you and Kate a lot!! You are two of the most cheerful, positive people I've ever met. Love you!

Marissa said...

Oh how correct you are in all those things.
You are most welcome for the smile, the next three lines had double meaning for me. I understand what you're saying about belonging and mom and dad. My next thought was hmm maybe she means about how she hated when we matched! hahah explaining why I look so excited and you are smiling b/c mom asked you too ;)
Oh how I love you! Do you remember using the big green sleepingbag and tumbling down the stairs? Or sliding our matresses off the beds and eating the sparkly toothpaste as food rations! hahahahaha oh my that was awesome!