Thursday, July 2, 2009

down down down

I know you'll all be so disappointed, but our internet is down and I can't blog about my science days! Well, at least not until I fix the So here's a break!

Tomorrow = NO SCHOOL....

it also = GIRLS DAY!

One of my fav friends is coming up to Salt Lake, and it better stop raining, dangit! We are going to have a lovely time doing _____________.

I have no clue. I've lived here for a year and still don't know what there is to do. haha Sometimes, school is my worst enemy!

Any suggestions?! Please! Send them my way!

Love your 4th!

1 comment:

Katy said...

i love the picture of you and your hubby jumping for joy, makes ME jump for joy too-- but i'm not nearly as cute as you are!

do you like fondue? there's the Melting Pot in SLC that we LOVE... but be prepared to sell a kidney to pay for it... it ain't cheap baby.

ps. sorry, shouldn't have called you Baby without your permission, sorry, baby!