Friday, February 4, 2011


Do you ever feel swirly?! Not like you're getting a swirly, and not because you're sick [which is why I felt swirly most of this week], but because you feel a little lost amongst everything that's going on, changing, moving?!

Well, that's how I feel today. Not in a depressing way - just a more retrospective, thoughtful, contemplative sort of way.

I feel a little lost, but not scared. I feel a little like a kite without a string, but without too much of a tempest to tear me apart. Just the right kind of breeze that's going to blow me to the next set of tree limbs, until I get rescued lol Yep. Just a little like a drifter. 

But, I think its memories like this that help me have faith in this tiny journey - I'm not nervous, anxious, or scared. I'm totally ok. And I like it :)

Yep. Everything is ok.


Jenny said...

You're pictures are beautiful!

Katy said...

"swirly", i like that. and yes, you are okay... you're amazing.