Monday, February 13, 2012

Boys Vs. Girls:

We are having a.....

BABY BOY!!!!!!!!

We are quite thrilled!
I thought for sure we were having a girl,
since every single person I know
is having a boy this year!

after a lot of checking during the ultrasound,
(I made the ultrasound tech check 4x)
we are without a doubt having a baby boy!
There is a lot of irrefutable proof in the ultrasound,
which they made sure to print out for me! 

We are due July 2, 2012.
We could not be happier!
We are also so thankful
to everyone who offers advice, opinions, and options! 
Your input makes me feel more secure. 

I'm not so worried about taking care of baby! 
I'm worried about not making the best choices before he gets here! 

So thank you!

You all are the best!

And, baby boy thanks you too :)


Jillyn said...

Yay for boys! I have two and they are simply the BEST!!!

Brian and Jaclyn said...

Ha, I was sure we were having a girl, and then we found out he was a boy...I can't believe how great little boys are!!! You are going to be the best momma!

missriss said...

That is such a cute ultrasound pic. Congratulations!