Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Know When...

You know when you get home from work,
and think to yourself, 
"Self, we should really work out!"


And then you don't?
My favorite type of day! 

I decide to watch other people exercise instead.

I happen to love Ohio State.
And, they just happen to be playing some basketball.
So, I eat dinner and watch the game.

Baby Boy loves it too :)

You know when you should be eating healthy snacks?
But you had some at work?


And instead, you eat Valentine's Day candy?
My favorite treats!
Did you know I could eat Jelly Beans forever?
And conversation hearts (original flavs, thank you)!!

Thank you mommy!
She sends the funniest gifts + candy + funny sayings!
I look forward to it every year. 

You know when you can't find a gift for someone?
[Did you recall that I'm the worst at gifts ever?]
But remember when this one time I was awesome?!?!

Engraved cuff-links.
The boy has a thing for them....

You know when you move into a new place,
with hopes and dreams,
and then find out that you get a new dream in a few months?!

And then, that new baby of a dream
causes you to be sick forever?
And you think your fridge smells off, 
but you don't know if its you or not?

pretend that it wasn't preggo nose.
And, your fridge was actually going bad.
Not the food, per say,
but the actual fridge lining!
You guys.
I hold my breath to open the fridge,
and hence why I'm eating jelly beans instead of kiwi.

And then, 
you call your manager and she is just the bees knees?!!?!
She came over, opened it,
and almost cried for us!
I have cleaned the CRAP out of that thing.
[while sicky preggo. that's pretty good!]
And currently have a charcoal thingy in it.

[Apparently, the ppl that lived here before us were shady. And the management cleaned the crap out of the fridge before we even moved in.]

Guess what?!?!?!

Oh my gosh. 
Could we all just cry?

And, the nicest thing ever?
They're paying for our perishables that need to be replaced.
Milk, eggs, cheese, fruit, etc.

All of these things, plus an amazing husband,
make for a very, very happy mommy + baby.

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