Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Preggo Question!

 Not a thousand red balloons.
Just the baby belly!


Another question.

Room size.

Did you really notice?
Was it the make or break point for you?
Would you recommend a smaller room with better care,
or a large room with so-so care?

Currently undecided.




Please let your opinions out!
The stroller/car-seat question saved my life!
I am so happy that you all gave me advice about that!


Jordan and Crystal said...

With both of my kids the rooms were huge. But really my labors were so short I didn't really notice.

As far as midwives...never done them. But I have lots of friends who have and like them. I have nothing against them its all your preference. I love the epidural and would not do it any other way. My ob said epidurals are like giving shots with getting a cavity. People don't come into the Dentist and say I want to go natural.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

I would say room size doesn't matter, definitely care comes first (if you have to choose). But really, you won't get to choose your care because it will all depend on which nurses are on when you go into labor. Hopefully you'll get lucky :)

I hear great things about midwives although I haven't used one either. If you go with a midwife make sure that she is allowed to deliver in the hospital that you choose. A lot of people use midwives because they're delivering at home and want someone who can help them through a natural delivery. But it still doesn't hurt to have someone at the hospital to guide you through it even if you do have an epidural. You may still have to experience a little bit of pain before you're allowed to get one.

I think its perfect that you want to be prepared, I was over prepared and my labors both went really smoothly. But really Krista, I know you will be fine and everything will just work out. You will have a baby in the end of this regardless of your preparation :)

Krista & Tyler said...

Thanks so much! I'm definitely delivering in a hospital lol and the midwives I've looked into all deliver at hospitals and I'd still have an epidural, etc. So, who knows. At 6 months, you think I'd have it figured out :) the current clinic I'm using is definitely a factory type setting. I just feel like a sheep. I call with a question, and I can never get ahold of a nurse, let alone my doctor. So, I think it's time to try some new things.

A little Birdie... said...

I have no real opinion on room size, but I DO have an opinion about midwives :) In my experiences, Dr's are more medically trained, meaning they look at birth as an illness, or a problem to be solved. With midwives, they look at birth as something that women DO, not something that happens to them. Its a natural thing. Lots of midwives, especially if they deliver in hospitals, are ok with you getting an epidural. Since I know you're a researcher, a book that has some good comparisons between midwives and doctors is by Ina May Gaskin- Guide to Childbirth. I'll be honest- its probably a little biased since she is one of the best midwives ever, but she does have a good chapter on how to choose your care and get what you're looking for.
And if you just want my two cents, I LOVED having a midwife over a doctor (had both), and will probably never have a doctor again. Nothing against them, but I loved the time spent by my midwife who really got to know me and exactly what I wanted. I never once felt that my intuition didn't matter, or that her expertise made her better than me. I can honestly say it was SUCH a spiritual, emotional, personal experience, and I never had that with my first birth.
Whew, you probably wish you hadn't asked :) Good luck to you!!