Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Nicest Week

Things are turning around here in Utah.
It was almost 60 degrees here today, 
and I, for one,
could not have been happier!

Looking back, this week has been full of fun!

Tyler and I have spent a lot of time together,
and that is the way it should always be!

We went to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake,
and it was hilarious! So much fun!

What a good motto for life, right?

We went shopping (outlet style - thanks Park City!),
and finally got our dream dresser. 
For cheap. 

Today it was glorious out, 
my friend Jenny was digging up irises, 
and I decided to plant them, 
plus lilies, 
and more irises.

I told Ty to stay inside and break-dance,
and I planted my little heart out.
[Besides, what husband really wants to help their wife pot plants?]
It was a glorious day in the sunshine! 
 I put the plants out on our balcony to get some sun,
and we re-arranged the house. 

We have enjoyed the company of good friends 
over the past few days, and
I actually made dinner 2x! Hooray!

its been the best day (and week) ever.

Baby boy is the best - still going strong!

Enjoy your Sunday!
I'm off to battle the hubby in Just Dance 2!
[wish me luck...]

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Stacie said...

I keep forgetting you guys are in UT! We should really hang out sometime if you are available. If you are on Pinterest and want to come to my next Pinterest party it will be at my house in Midvale, on a Thursday evening for a couple hours. I can keep you posted if you want more details as it gets closer (still need to pick a date)