Friday, March 2, 2012

Camera Announcement

So, what camera did I buy?

The Sony A77!

Check out this review for lots of info!


We had to order the camera in, due to flooding in Thailand.
The camera has been back-ordered for a while,
and I kept checking everywhere for it!

Finally, someone had one in a warehouse in Kansas City.
And bam!
They shipped it out to me likity-split.

The funnest part about the experience?
The camera came in today, 
so they called and I told them when I'd be there.

Apparently, the photogs and workers waited all day...
just so they could see what it looked like out of the box.
One even asked if he could hold it....hilarious.
[They didn't want to take it out of the box b/c it was a customer's. Isn't that nice?]

Its a good feeling when professionals tell you
that they approve of your choice.
And, when they say they would switch to Sony
if they weren't so invested.
[Hello, I would never switch if I was invested in a brand, but that's b/c I'm cheap]

Even better?
They had my battery charged,
so when they took the camera out to put the battery in for me,
I exclaimed, "Oh, its so pretty!"
5 minutes later,
a photog dude walked over and said the same thing.
Then, I didn't feel so dumb. 


So, all in all,
I really love the camera.
I've had it for all of an hour,
and I just think I'll read the instruction manual tonight.


If you don't love the camera, 
keep it to yourself.

I'm still trying to have a Sony A77 parade,
so no rain, please. 
Besides, its just good manners.


jalene said...

Sorry. :( hopefully you don't hate me.

Liz Ricker said...

K. So, I have been reading your posts for quite some time now, and finally just have to tell you--You are Amazing! Seriously, you are one of the greatest people I know. Not to mention Gorgeous. It's been a looong long time, but I had to share those thoughts with you because everytime I see your pictures or read about your life, I am always reminded of how much I admire and love ya. That's all. I am so excited for your little one to come. He's getting the world's greatest parents, I am sure! Well- that is all. Hopefully you even remember me. And if not, then some stranger is stalking your blog and you should probably block my access:)

Liz Ricker said...

Oh. And nice camera...

Chad And Amber said...

Krista! I am so sad I only got to talk to you a few times before you moved out of the court! I thought you were so sweet! I guess I'll have to settle with following your blog :)(which is so cute!)