Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo Overload...Enjoy!

 Once upon a time, I got a new haircut.
A lot of blonde got added in,
and I really love it. 

This past weekend, my cousin Josh got married!
Here are a billion photos that you are free to enjoy!
Lucy - my cousin Paul's daughter!
Isn't she a peach?

 This has to be one of my favorite shots of her!!

 Josh and Whitney!

 Whitney's shoes, post temple ceremony!
How rad!

 My sister, Marissa, and her husbando Tyson...

 My favorite picture of Tyson...hahaha
 The preggers and Tyler..

 Josh's brothers, Dax, Nathan, and Marissa - all loving life! haha
Dax just got home from his mission to Brazil! 
Welcome back kid!

 Nate cracks me up.
He works at the Hogle Zoo
and is always excited to tell me what's new there.
Our Polar Bear apparently just arrived!!
I think Nate looks like a turtle here...
At least, that's how I picture a turtle would look. haha

 My dear Uncle Bentley and Aunt Cynthia - 
parents of Josher.
My mom is the youngest of the family,
and Aunt Cynthia is just older than my mom.
They shared a bed growing up.
If that doesn't bring you closer together...
I don't know what will! haha

They are the best family in the world. 
I am so happy to live nearby!

And now a series of odd pictures, 
brought to you by Tyler, me, Marissa and Tyson. 

 We all knelt in the grass at some point
to take pictures...
Marissa had grass stains...
The rest of us are checking....

Tyler took this cool shot- 
Oh weddings :) They are so much fun!

 Marissa and Grandma!
Isn't my grandma adorable!?

Aunt Nancy and her cousins - 
they are my grandpa's nieces. 


One of my friends from middle school - high school 
is also getting married this weekend!
I have to say, 
I was so sad that I couldn't fly out to Philly for the wedding.
Marriage is probably the best decision I've ever made.
I just wanted Melanie to know
how much I supported her decision
to get married. 
Its so awesome.

They're getting married at the 
Please Touch Museum 
in Philly.
Isn't that cool?

I am so excited to see all the pictures!!! 
Much love Mel!!!!!


 8 months preggo! 
I'm enormous. 
I looked back at my pictures from last summer,
on our trip to Vancouver/Seattle/Portland,
and sighed.
I didn't need that reminder of how skinny
my face used to be. 

What is the preggo lady craving?
Shells + cheese + peas. 
It is so good! haha
At least its a good source of calcium....

I also loved chomping down on
an Icee at the movie theater! 
Avengers was an awesome movie,
and I've never had to pee more after a film.
It was seriously like 2.5 hours long! haha
Thanks Tyler for the date!


Last but not least,
I have 4 more weeks on of work,
and 4 more weeks off,
and then baby! 

I'm super excited to start setting up his room :)

Tyler got called back for a 2nd job interview,
and it went really well.
Keep us in your prayers!!

And, I don't know how many people actually do pray for you when you ask,
but I have to say,
I have actually felt so much better
the past few weeks.
Not only emotionally/physically/spiritually,
but I have felt an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort.
Thank you. 

Baby and I are still doing great.
We are still swimming,
breast stroke only haha,
and are trying to stay healthy :)

Tyler has been the best. 
My family is so caring,
and I have friends who make it all worthwhile!

Thank you so much! 

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