Monday, May 21, 2012

Friends, Food, and Festivities

 I don't know if I've ever admitted this,
but I used to be afraid of baby showers (for me).
I finally realized what stopped me from enjoying them....
its silly, really.

I'll tell you why at the end :)


This past weekend, 
some of my very bestest friends in the world
[The Alder ladies + Sarah Acree]
decided to undertake this adventure,
and a baby shower was thrown!

 Bahaha! I love this melon baby!

 The Alders have a thing for chocolate mustaches...
and they were in abundance!
I love being a part of this family!

 [recognize these from pinterest? they do not disappoint!]

In my mind,
Laurel Alder just happens to be a gourmet chef,
with roots all over Europe.
These were the best brownies I've ever inhaled,
and I am now a recovering addict.
[chocolate + infused orange + chocolate ganache + caramelized orange slices]

My friend Jessica,
who lives way across the country,
made this darling quilt for our baby boy!
I was so touched.
She did such a great job!
Thanks so much Jess!
[since she couldn't be there, I brought it with me to use as decor :)]

Just me,
setting up :)
And no.
I thought about ironing my pants...
and totally didn't do it.
I'm over it.

Jake the snake.
Loved his helmet hair post bike-ride.

He told me he made everything for the shower...

 Group of lovely ladies who stayed until the very end!
[it was an open house style party, and I wish we had taken pictures all the way through!]
Thank you to everyone who came!!!

 My parting gifts for those who came...
[I wanted to give something I made bath salt boxes and held a raffle!]

Laurel + Clara

 Baby B - aka Bennett Truscott!

 Mustaches strike again!

 and again...

 and again....

and again!!!!


I had such a fun time!
We had hilarious guessing games,
and candy has never tasted so sweet!

We laughed, hung out,
and just relaxed.
I was sooooo nervous before!
No lie.

It came as a big surprise to me
that people actually came.
I have never felt so loved.

I think that I've been so hesitant to want a shower,
because I know all of the hard work that goes into planning one.
And in my mind,
I really didn't think I was worth all that trouble.

when someone [or a group of someones]
takes the time to show you just how much you really do matter,
you will never be the same.

A big thank you to the Alders & Sarah - you were wonderful!
thank you for being such a great party planner!
Your attention to detail will never escape my appreciation!
You are the best ever!

And a big thanks to Tyler,
who I could not do any of this without.
He's kind of the very best thing about life.

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Chad and Sarah said...

X-ta! Looks like the party was a success, wish I could come eat ALL of that food! I just wanted to say I was super happy to see you were sporting BSU colors :). Love and miss you and congrats on being a new Mommy!! It's the best!