Saturday, September 15, 2012

73* and Sunny!

Today has got to be the most beautiful day that Utah has ever produced. Sweet Mercy! We have the windows open, the breeze rolling through the house, and football is on. Oh, and did I mention that the munchkin is napping? Yes, we are happy over here!

 Each Wednesday, Ethan and I join our friends for a hike - this week we hiked a Willow Creek trail up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Oh my. I should have busted out my inhaler. I don't care if I've lived in Utah for 4 years, I grew up at 6' below sea level! This elevation kills my lungs! haha It was such a great hike and it was an awesome chance to push myself!

I wore my splint during the hike, and let me tell you - it really helped! I've really enjoyed wearing it - and I don't wear it all the time, which is probably why I still enjoy it. haha

Here are just a few phone snapshots from the hike - I love how Instagram boosts the colors in the last one!

 This picture is what the whole hike looked like - the blue skies were stunning! There were so many Aspen trees and they were so lovely - I can't wait to hike it again so I can take pictures of the sky peeking through their leaves.

On Wednesday I visited with my doctor, and I only have a 2 finger gap with regards to my diastasis. This is such great news! I can hike (while wearing the splint), run a little, and walk, walk, walk. Pilates and a lot of yoga is out, but I just have to keep plugging away with what I'm currently doing and I'll keep seeing results. Today, I buttoned up a pair of pants that I've been wearing with the assistance of a hair tie - you know the style! Hooray me!

Then, yesterday, Marissa and Tyson met up with Ethan and I at Ikea. I had to get out and about and Ikea is just the place! Besides, we made some stellar purchases! I cannot tell you how great it is to spend time with my family :) Its the very best!

After Ikea, Marissa and Tyson came up to our house in Salt Lake, where we grilled the most amazing chicken! Our house smelled like charcoal all morning (well, more like we'd made bacon), and it was so nice - which sounds funny, but I love to grill. We also made delish potatoes, thanks to Mom for the recipe, and thanks to Tyson and Rissy for helping out with dinner!

We taught Marissa and Tyson how to play a game that my BIL, Paul, invented - its called "Good One!" and it is such a blast. Our first year of marriage, Tyler and I played it allllll day long on Christmas day. We played for hours last night and barely noticed the time passing!
 Marissa teaching Ethan how to use strategy!

 Ethan must be catching on - Rissy looks pleased!!!

This morning, Ethan slept for such a long time - it was heavenly! He always seems to know when its the weekend, the little stinker! He was extremely talkative this morning and we were dying of laughter. He is getting really loud and I cannot wait for more chatter to come our way!

 Tyler wanted to see if Ethan was ready to wear his hat....

Is he not the cutest thing in the world? haha  We are so happy to have him. And lucky, too.


By way of thanks, I just need to thank the wonderful people that have stepped in over the past few days to really keep my spirits up. I could not have made it through this challenging week without my grandmother's perfectly timed phone call (Thank you so much, Grandma!), my Johnsons, my good friends Nancy, Kate, and Chels, my SIL Wendi, my cousin Carlie, and my dear family. Everyone can say, "call me when you need something," but rarely do people step up and lift you when they know you need it. 

Thank you so much!!! We love you and are so lucky to have you in our lives.

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