Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well, well, well. Life has gotten the best of me, once again! I wanted to keep this blog a little better updated and such, but then such is life - it just keeps happening!

Over the past few weeks, Ethan got shots, picked up my cold, and has been congested ever since. He suffered through repeated trips to the doctor's to get suctioned out (they flush saline down his nose and then place an NG tube down it to suck out the mucous - poor kid - he takes it like a champ most days) and we have been fortunate that it didn't get so bad that he needed to be hospitalized.

 So, we decided to teach Ethan to play ball this week - he was so funny trying not to hit himself with this little ball! And don't worry - they're very soft!

 Our stake changes time with the new school year, so we went from 11 to 1 pm church this past week. All of the little kids felt like this - pouty face and all!

 Labor Day shopping - more on this later!

 Labor Day games at the in-laws! Ethan slept through the lawn care people driving around on their toys in the back yard - he is such a sound sleeper!

 This week, my good friend Nancy [pictured here with her 1 yr old son James] invited us to go on a hike with some other friends! We hiked Donut Hole Falls, up the Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was a great hike and Ethan and I loved it. He enjoyed looking around, and getting the sun in his eyes - luckily Nancy provided an extra hat :) Ethan was such a great trooper - slept half way up and half way down.

 Here we are!!!

 Chels + Asher, Kate + baby (she has 8 weeks to go!), Cara + Eva [i hope i spelled that right], Nancy + James
 Ethan baby - just sleeping before we ate lunch!

 Nancy decided to give James a go with the barette - he has the most darling curls! haha Needless to say, his daddy did not approve of this picture! haha
 Ethan, loving his new, clean diaper at the end of the hike!

 Kate and Nancy!

 Wendi, Tyler's sister, is in town from Australia, and we've been hanging out with her as much as possible. We went out for sushi, and the thought process about what to choose was intense.

 Ethan decided that his fist was yummier than sushi.

 Then, at the end of dinner, we had our first blowout! haha Luckily, I had that hospital blanket behind him, so it didn't get anywhere! Although, he did manage to spit up on my newly washed pants and on the floor. We are awesome customers. haha

 Tyler changing his first blowout - I took over in the end :)

Tonight, we had another big accomplishment! I put Ethan down on the blanket for tummy time and he started scooting himself across the blanket, just using his legs! I started laughing and he started cooing - I keep putting his hands back under his head so he could stop smooshing his face in the blanket. haha When I finally picked him up, one side of his face was allllll red! So darling. We are loving his new found *tiny bit* of mobility! Good job baby!!!!

And, we are happy to report that we are taking Ethan out to visit Nana, Papa, Uncle Devin and Aunt Melanie in December!!!! Flights were soooo stinkin' cheap on Southwest over the last 48 hours, so we coordinated with my parents and are happy to go home to DE soon! So, wish us luck!

Any advice on taking a 5 mo. old on a plane trip? I am super excited, but also very anxious. I know people hate flying with babies, and I am always one of those people haha I knew one day the tides would turn, and thanks to a post from The Rockstar Diaries, I have a few tricks I will rely on.

September has been a good month so far - and its only the 6th!

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