Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Photo Montage

Seriously. Could my kid get any cuter? Yes. Just keep scrolling.

 This is my favorite face.

Oh my! I laugh every time I look at the "O" on that chubby face. Just kills me! haha

Today on facebook, my friend posted this article. Its all about how moms are super self conscious about appearing in pictures with their kids b/c they feel unattractive. I read this after making the decision to try and have pictures with Ethan + I. Our kids aren't going to notice how our hips are a bit wider, or how I haven't done my hair for days...(ok, maybe you can tell, but I'm not stressed haha) or how my face is still round. I hope that Ethan can see how much I love him, how fun he is to hold, and how much his mommy cared to preserve a memory. He is darling. I hope he'll see how I tried hard to make him smile, even when it was so chilly in the evening mountain air. I hope he'll know that whether I'm here for the next 40 years or the next 40 days, I will always be his mother and we will always be together.

A big thanks to Nancy and her adorable son James 
for having us tag along for the fall photo shoot.
I always wanted to go, but was nervous about doing it alone.
So glad for good friends!

Happy Conference Weekend!

After all, 
Family is what Life is all about.


Hikari said...

You look gorgeous in these photos. And your little guy is to die for. I love the "O" face picture too. ha. I need to meet him. Stat.

Aaron, Whitney, and kids said...

Yes, you are gorgeous in all of them. No need to be self conscious. The funny thing is that we always feel that way in pictures, even pre-babies, and then we look back a few years later when we "know we look worse than we did a few years ago" and wonder why we thought we looked bad before haha. But anyway in my opinion you are photogenic no matter what.

mb said...

so sweet! he looks like such a happy guy!