Monday, October 1, 2012

Chomp Chomp Chomp!

This week, we decided to start teething.

We turned 3 months old on Sept 24th.

Oh my. Where did the time go?

 I wish this picture wasn't blurry, but oh that smile.

I love Tylenol.

And I love that smile.

I love that smile + Tylenol the best.

 Tiny feets and tiny toes.

Teething brings a lot of woes.

Can't you tell we've all lost a *little* bit of sleep this week?

One bottom tooth up - the other is almost through.


Thank heavens for the best husband under the stars.
Otherwise, no one would have slept.
Tyler is incredible.
And so is baby.

We are all lucky to:
a) still be alive after my first week back to work
b) have each other
c) have the gospel
d) have Tylenol
e) have a *cloud* {this is what I affectionately call my down comforter - it comforts me}

Tomorrow = first day off.
Hopefully, lots of sleep.
Anyone want to come and hold my hand while I try and find my sanity? hahaha {don't volunteer; this might take a while and may not be too pretty}

I like challenges - not trials, challenges. The week back at work was full of fun and lots of challenges. Teething = trial. But luckily, the kid thinks its a challenge. He did great. He is doing great. And now that it's 11:30pm, I wish we were all doing something other then this being awake thing.

Wish us luck :)

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Stacie said...

Good luck! My nephew is just starting to teeth and he'll be a year old in Dec. I cant imagine teeth at 3 months! But my nephew was born 3 months early so things are a bit delayed right now I guess. Cute pix!