Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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Over the past little while,
I've been a bit down.

Not for any reason in particular. 
You know the feeling.
Just a tiny bit bummed.

Everything is ok.
Not great, but ok.

Partly, that is your own fault.
Partly, its life.
What's 100% your fault is your attitude.
Honestly, you shouldn't be happy 100% of the time.
That can just get annoying.

However, laughing has gotten me through most of it.
Life, that is.

I love to laugh.

Today, I had a lot to laugh about.
I only laughed at 75% of it. 


Now, I'm not going to give you 
the play-by-play
of how my day went from not great to not great at all.

You've had that day.
Remember it?


I read a story in a book I'm reading. 
I'll paraphrase. 

{from Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman}

A woman named Emily decided to change her life.
 She didn't feel like sticking to her plan. 
She followed her plan anyway.

She was addicted to foods that were bad for her.
She followed her plan anyway.

She craved diet sodas, pudding, cereal.
She followed her plan anyway.

Her son became seriously ill and her life spun out of control.
She followed her plan anyway.

He had to be transferred to a hospital in a different state. 
She had to find her way around a new city.
She followed her plan anyway.

The cafeteria food in the hospital looked comforting.
The candy was calling her name.
She followed her plan anyway.

Moral of the story?
Stick to your plans. 

Whether they are for dieting,
spiritual growth, 
mental rejuvenation,

When I've felt weak,
as if I could not take one more step happily
I thought of this Emily. 
I tried to stick to my plan.

I fall off the wagon. 

That's ok.

I dust myself off, 
re-tie the laces on those sneaks,
and try to give the plan my best shot from then on.

I'm following my plan anyway.

Its hard, but the best things in life are.

At least that's what they tell me, anyway.


Avrey &Cody Hendrix said...

LOVE this, love you!

Stacie S-H said...

Good post to remember and think about. Hey..I'm having a clothing swap party next Thursday. lmk if you want to come and I can send your husband the invite on FB or friend you if you have a FB account then invite you. Next Thurs, 7-8pm or so in Midvale. lmk!