Saturday, March 9, 2013

From the Land of Sickness

This February was the month that all were ill. Its funny to me, because its only 1 month out of the entire winter that everyone gets really sick - and if we get sick during the rest of the winter, its usually not a very long thing. But this time, man. We got hit hard.

Bubba Bear (aka Ethan) got double ear infections, a yeast infection (a whole story about that another time), and had a week straight of blowouts (thankyounastydiarrhea).

Tyler and I have taken turns with being sick - I had a cough/cold/congestion for 2+ weeks. Ugh. Never again, thank you very much!

We did happen to make it out of the house once or twice. And here we are looking a bit put together! 

Happy despite it all!

 He looks like a 'Who' in Whoville here to me! haha

 Trying to crawl - love the facial expression! 

 Just being super cute... you know.

 So close!!!!

 And.....back down again. haha

 Love this expression. He is so funny!

 The other day Ethan was sleeping on his tummy, knee in the air, holding his foot. Really? haha

 Thank you Grandma Sanders for this cutesy outfit!!!

 Say whaaaaa????
(I know he doesn't match; my apologies. But seriously, what's the point when you're changing him a million times a day?)

Lounging sideways...That's how we roll!


In other exciting news, this past Tuesday Tyler and I went to Orem for a musical!
"Seussical the Musical" 
to be exact. 

Our nephew, Kyle, 
had the role of JoJo, and he did a fantastic job!
I was so impressed with the production that I bought a DVD!
We went on closing night and it was fabulous!
Kyle even signed my copy! ;)

My cousin Nate just went on his mission, 
and we will be missing him lots.
He got called to speak Chinese in San Fran! 
I'm totally going to visit haha

I wish I had taken pictures, 
but the farewell fell on one of the sick weeks haha
I can't wait to see him back again in 2 years!

Good luck, Nate!


Now, we're onto spring!
I really hope we are, at least!

And, hopefully,
it won't be so long until I blog again!

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