Saturday, March 23, 2013

The "Honey - Do" List

Time for advice.

You know when you move into your first place (as in, the first place that you can actually paint the walls without losing your deposit) and you have lists upon lists of things you want to do?

I feel that most of my lists originate from the great ideas I get off of Pinterest. And luckily, Pinterest will save me lots of $$ in the end.

Here's my dilemma.

I can't do it. 

I mean, I'm capable, physically. But mentally?

Oi vey.

How do you great DIYers find the time? By the time I'm finished with a week straight of work (7 days mind you), I'm catching up on sleep, relaxation, and decompression! I don't know when I'll make the time to do it all.

Like, gardening - I really want to garden this year! Sooooo badly. I even have raised garden beds that are being donated and such. I don't have a yard as of yet (new house, new construction, new dirt - you get the picture), or a fence, or a pergola (which I'm also going to build with what? tools!), and somehow I have it in my mind that I have to have it all at once or nothing can go in. Whoa - where did I get that wacky idea from? I don't know.

 -  BTW: did you ever see the movie "The Jones'?" I do not have a case of keeping up with them  - I have a case of trying to keep up with my hilarious expectations that my brain concocts.

So, how you do say: Dear self (and hubby), We are going to work on the garden for the next month (b/c I work every other weekend), and we are going to love it.
    - and how do you say that and become satisfied that its not done quickly? (silly work, always getting in the way!)

Its the getting up and going that is the hardest part! Working out is the same way for me! haha I have to envision myself doing it and then, bam! I can do it. I'm attempting the same thing with the garden. Slowly, its working.

Mainly, where do you get your motivation for the 'Honey-Do' projects? Do you have a specific timeline or a checklist of things that are most important? On my list is that dang fence - random people keep walking through my backyard, and I am not cool with that. At least I haven't said anything yet. You all know how that can go ;)

Ah. The brain. A marvelous thing. That is why, at 2:15 am, I am up thinking about this "Honey-Do" list that I keep adding to. I'm sure we've all been there!!

Suggestions are most welcome! And so is a nap.


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audrey said...

Oh that is so hard! I definitely don't have a solid answer. We're still figuring it out, too. One thing I've noticed though is that the hubs and I work in different ways: he takes what he wants to do least and does them very first (like Saturday morning chores/projects) and gets them out of the way. I'm the opposite--I take what sounds the most appealing and leave what I don't want for the bitter end, haha. My point is, whichever method works for you, go for it! If you will be going crazy until you have a fence, even if it's not fun, start there and get it out of the way! (Although you may want to do grass first?) Or do something you're really excited about or just dying to have to kick your motivation into gear. We have ADD when it comes to house projects--too many possibilities, most are too expensive or time consuming to do at once. We've got a forever long list of wants, but we've been starting small (a new shelf in the cleaning closet took twenty minutes and 10 bucks but made such a huge difference) and we're slowly working our way up (just finished a kitchen backsplash). SOMEDAY we'll be able to do something huge like a deck or finish our attic...someday, haha. But I agree with you, working in the yard/weeding is not usually something I crave doing with my extra time, even though I want everything to be beautiful. Some day I'll get there. It's so fun to be a homeowner though, even though all your extra time and cash flow go straight into the house. :) Good luck, Krista! Your house is gorgeous by the way, I don't know if I ever told you that! Wow, sorry this comment is long and kind of scatterbrained, but keep us posted on your DIY adventures! :)