Monday, December 16, 2013

December Begins!

 Just a handsome little man. That's all.

New tricks: climbing in the laundry basket. This week, I taught him to stand on top of it (when its flipped over) to see out of the window. Here's to hoping he doesn't fall off. haha

On December 3rd, Tyler and I got all dolled up and went to his work Christmas party, which was at the Leonardo, downtown Salt Lake. An incredible snow storm piled SLC with snow that day, so it was an adventure trying to get there.

The Leonardo was displaying the Dead Sea Scrolls, and it was so cool. Ty reads ancient Hebrew, so it was cool to see him look at the scriptures they had displayed on the wall in Hebrew and translate them. The scrolls are so tiny that you can't really read them! There was so much history presented - they did a fabulous job of setting up this exhibit. We really enjoyed ourselves!

 We weren't allowed to take pictures past this point. These are water vases, used to bring water to the king's household. You can tell because the handles are marked with insignia meaning "Belonging to the King" and beautiful symbols. iPhones don't really do it justice ;)

Here are some ballerinas that I made at work...

And pretty snowflakes!

These are the wreaths we had last year....

And the wreaths I made this year - this one is much tinier than last years; I really enjoy making things with paper...if you can't tell. 

We also went Christmas shopping during that first week of December, and got a tree!!
Here's a tiny bubba sized tree. Sorry about the lighting! It is so dark now!

 We got it home and then drilled a hole in the center of the trunk so that it gets more water!

Then Tyler tightened up the stand, and we set out to decorate!

 The finished product, minus the star...which I still don't have.

The perfect tree...

 Blurry, but you get the picture.

Also blurry, but what a cute lumberjack!

Just checking out the tree! He hasn't really touched it yet or tried to destroy it. Keep your fingers crossed. 
Tyler bought Ethan a Transformer's bathrobe, before he was even born. He's too big for it now, but its still so funny to put him in it. 

Snow in the backyard:

How we feel about snow in the backyard:

Its going to be a long winter. 
In all fairness, I did dump him out into the snow off of his sled. 
On accident. 
But still. Not fun.
And it was like 9 degrees out or something. 
And the snowsuit was too small. 
I officially give up. 

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elizabeth, elles, eliza, beth, etc said...

i love him in the robe!! hilarious! also, what a neat idea to do the leonardo for a christmas party, props to ty's work.