Monday, December 16, 2013

Phone Pictures - Late November

 In November, I realized that I should probably start decorating for Christmas. I was asked to decorate my work place for Christmas (just my department, thank heavens) too, so I tried to find some crafts that I could make, rather than spend a lot of money on.

Lo and behold: Christmas trees!! These now sit on my mantle. I made ballerinas, snowflakes, and trees and hung them from the ceiling at work. Its kind of magical.

Just makin' some pies for Thanksgiving!

I also had a little helper: Ethan loves eating frozen veggies now - its funny. 

More random holiday decor: only cost me a dollar. We took a hike for FHE and got some branches. Then, I stopped at the dollar store and wha-la! Grabbed some gold ornaments for $1. 
The rest is just tissue paper and ribbon I had laying around. 
I really love it.

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