Wednesday, June 24, 2009

another quick entry....just for just because

hello again :D

you'll really like today's entry:

We ran more samples on the analyzer. Looked at crazy bacteria, searched more urine for STDs (but they have to be motile for positive identification that way), and FINALLY got a body fluid, other than urine, to run.
We spun down a peritoneal fluid this morning and looked on the slide for all sorts of stuff. 80-90% of the slide should be represented by monocytes, which look like this:
I found some cellular material, which isn't unusual, but isn't common either. We learned how to diff these types of slides and when to pass them on to the pathologist for review.
Then, after working all morning, we took a hot chocolate break, and wha-la. Review time. That = end of the day! Hooray!
All in all, the work flow of a hospital varies because the patient volume varies. Its been really fascinating to get back into that environment and feel like you're really doing something - tracking your patients, making sure their results are correct, and then learning to differentiate and combine results to make sense of them. For instance, if you have bilirubin and tyrosine crystals together in your urine, you probably have a hepatic (liver) problem. We have to be able to critically think and put 2+2 together to = a diagnosis consistent with our findings. Awesome.

Ty and I are still getting ready for the big party. In honor of that, we headed down to the Treehouse, where Nate (our unofficial crew leader) teaches dance classes. Apparently the lady who choreographs all of the HSM movies runs/teaches/etc there and these guys have been jammin there for a long time too. So, tonight, I did homework in the dance room, while Ty and Nate busted out some sick routines. I wish our stage this weekend was going to be that big - I would love to film that! haha

Anyway, final on Friday, test Thurs-Sun, and homework galore until then. I would love to have a job. And no homework. One day....ONE DAY MORE! haha


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