Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wrap Up

Hello again :D

The past few days have been amazingly bonkers, which is the way my life usually goes, so yah!

I can't remember what I blogged about last, so I'll give a quick rundown on Thurs and Fri :)
Thursday was a pretty short day also. We reviewed for our final exam most of the afternoon and did "baby diffs." Differentials are the exercise where we count all of the cells on a blood smear (you push a drop of blood across a glass slide and then stain it) and classify them. The most interesting part about this is the end result. We have normal ranges for adults, etc, and you should see 70% PMNs, 10% lymphs, 10% monos, etc. But with a child, its an inverse differential. You should see a lot of lymphs (like 70%) and everything looks a little skewed.This is a picture of lymphs in different species (the last two are unsusal kinds in humans). So, there we went again, counting 100 cells, matching to the expected results - hopefully! It was really fun. The sad part was on my 2nd slide. This baby boy didn't have an inverse diff - it was exactly like an adults. Apparently, this slide had been from a patient at Primary Childrens Medical Center - we then realized that the poor thing probaby had a leukemia, cancer, etc. Its so sombering.

Friday, we took our exams and exit interviews. Our instructor BILL, was amazing - he was funny and shared funny stories, invested in our futures, and explained things until he was suffering from dry-mouth...ew. Thanks Bill! He pulled us out 1 by 1 to give us our grades and reviews (like an exit interview) and I was slightly nervous. You never know what type of impression you make on someone, even if they tell you in front of lots of people. Saving face is hard to do in the end. Either way, he said I didn't have any weaknesses (he obviously hasn't known me very long...only a month haha) and would make an excellent co-worker. The head-honcho even remembers who I am and asks Bill about what my plans are, etc, so they're pushing to hire :) If only I could be so lucky! So, he hands me this little list of my grades.....and.......I GOT AN "A"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew. I just wanted to pass, but this will definitely do! He mentioned that he hadn't filled out my review on paper because he had written a letter of recommendation / letter of reference on an official letterhead and would attach it. I signed off on the final document, and relished the thought of a looooooong weekend.


So, when I invited people to this BBQ, we asked that they bring a side to share and their own meat. HOLY HEAVENS. We had soooooooooooooo much extra food, and people were so generous. I love when people go above and beyond to make your event a success :) we had some issues with troll neighbors at the beginning, which resulted in me speaking my mind, them apologizing and Tyler smoothing things over! Typical pattern. I couldn't help it that they were out of line and I was right....seriously lol

After we grilled, the boys set up a floor in the basketball court and we ran an extension cord through someone's front window and the dancing was on!
This is Jeremy doing hand-hops....I think. haha He's so good at this move!
This is Hugh, who most recently finally came back to the US of A after serving 2 years in the Korean military. He's sooooooo happy to be back and we're stoked to have him. We've missed him! Welcome home Hugh!
This is Ty, doing Russians, or something else super cool. I've tried this and landed 3 feet away from where I started....obviously, I was doing something completely wrong...haha Way to go Ty! You were amazing! I loved the tribute to MJ at the end....we had such a great time! Thanks to all who came out and a shout-out to the bboy crew for being amazing as well as for helping clean up. Hooray!

Thanks to Bethany for these pictures - I stole them off of her blog because my camera is still -sigh- broken. haha So the weekend was wonderful - chuch was fun as always, and we're looking forward to another long week filled with activity, school (Micro this month), and love. Enjoy!

-New music for the month : Greg Laswell - almost like Coldplay, and Matt Nathanson - let me know what you think! Its so chill :)

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Katy said...

CONGRATS on the A!!!!!!!!!!!! (but then again, i'm SOO not surprised at ALL, you're my favorite nerd EVER!!!)

and the party looked like it was so much fun, i'm soooo sad we couldn't go! Great pictures and I wish i could have seen the MJ tribute!