Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sometimes, I want to drop my head, and instead of screaming, just weep. Sometimes, I've had enough. Enough of being kind, of overlooking others' lack of consideration, overlooking their flaws, and enough of swallowing all of mine to try and keep peace. I know. I've been trying to change for such a long time. I've been trying so hard. Hard to be the better person, to look past the inconsideration, to look past it all. Gall. Is it too much to ask for common courtesy?! Today was the ultimate, the ultimate blow. I know we're all tired and exhausted, so get over it. Be nice, dangit! haha

Today at school = another loooooooooooong day. Took my hematology final :) went great! Thanks for all of you that kept me in mind! Afterwards, we had a break; then, more urinalysis! haha Remember those old slide projectors you used to use in elementary school? Well, we used one older than that - it looked like an R2D2 model. Random! It burned itself out in five minutes, and we tried to jimmy-rig it; then, we found the slide projector and slid in some slides! haha So ghetto - we projected it up against the wall (our room is like 15' long by 5' wide) and tried to guess what was in people's urine!These are really cool crystals that form in your urine - called, calcium oxalate :) You can see these things in your urine when your body is having trouble absorbing calcium. We take a drop of urine, place it on a glass slide, coverslip it, and then examine these under the microscope. We can see a lot of junk, so you learn to classify (again) all of the little crystals, casts, red blood cells, STDs, etc. So fun! If you don't believe me, rent a microscope, get some slides and put a drop of your urine and look at it under 20 or 40x. You'll be able to look at it for hours! haha This was one of my favorite labs in college - I know it sounds gross, but seriously? Its fascinating what your body produces to combat what we eat, don't absorb, and hence - pass on!

This is gross though. Mucus. Oh, and the worst thing I've seen : a SCAB. I don't even know how you would pee one out in your urine...ugh...Puke now - ugh.

Today was a short day...enjoy!

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Katy said...

i hate to think someone's been using you as a doormat, you're much more deserving than that. If you want, I can bust out some kung-foo on their aces... i'm not scurred. you know where to find me if you do.

also, WAY TO GO on your final!!!! all that URINE talk is getting me thirsty (?) is that supposed to happen? keep up the great work