Monday, June 22, 2009

quickly quigly!

Hey there all! Today's post will be short!

We spent 3 hours this morning taking our practical and our teaching specialist was nice enough to move our other final to tomorrow morning, hence why this will be so short! More studying for moi!

We ran more urine samples today on the Iris and learned how to differentiate between clean catch samples and not-so-clean samples. Its really interesting to see how much information the clinician gets from a little bit of pee :)

Also, today when reviewing a pleural fluid (that's the fluid from around your lungs) we ran into a really interesting cell - mesothelial cell, I think. Its on its way to maturation yet it looked so different in the patient then it does in a text = how interesting it is to be the interpreter of what people have inside of them. We also learned about Granulocytic Satellitism, which is something none of us had heard of before - its a funny condition where people's granulocytes will form aggregates of 4-5 around the blood smear. Weird.

Anyway, today Ty and I went running! It was awesome, for the parts that I could breathe, anyway! haha I've re-discovered a truth = when you work out, you're motivated to eat healthier! So, I made this amazing grilled chicken salad (even with tomatoes - people who know me will know what an accomplishment that is!!! But, if you eat a lot of red fruits/veggies, and greens you are really doing your part in preventing cancer!) with parmasean steak rolls, corn, watermelon, etc! Yummy! I think I might be getting the hang of being domestic! Hooray for Tyler!!!

This weekend our BBQ is coming up and I'm so so so so nervous. I'm a geek. Love it! Anyone and Everyone is welcome to come! Let me know what your plans are for Saturday! Ciao for now!


Katy said...

hey!!!! I just got your invite in the mail today! It looks sooo much fun, i'm so sad we don't live closer so we can come party with you guys!!! That's awesome that your throwing this shin-dig, you're amazing, woman!!!

Maribeth said...

Sometimes i try to follow what you are learning about and eventually either my attention span runs out or I think to myself, "I am so glad I'm not in school right now" so bravo, way to be a smarty pants.

Have a fun bbq! Wish we could crash!