Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Outings...

Our friends, the Atkins, just left the winter wonderland of SLC and moved to sunny Daytona Beach, FL, for Joe's residency! We celebrated Joe's existence in society, as he has just graduated from med school. Here are a few of my fav. pics from our outing to the Rio Grande Cafe downtown:

Heidi and Henry - did I mention that she had her baby girl, Amelia, just two weeks ago (from when this picture was taken)!? She was looking amazing. Grief. I need to start looking as great as she did!

Henry was a perfect gentleman at dinner. I think my kids are going to be crazy, but if I ever do take them out with us, I hope they're as well-behaved as Henry. What a dream! Isn't he adorable!?

Passing the camera around the table....

My true colors are shining through in this picture...

Henry trying to play with Amelia...I don't think she gets it yet :) She is also a perfect child. haha

Tyler enjoying the massive leftovers! Those were huge portions! Yummy!

Mexican Manicotti:
Simple. Delicious. Great for leftovers. Best of all - the color!

I'm just hungry at this point.

Jalene's Wedding Reception:
The reception was a dream. She looked beautiful. I hope these un-edited pictures show you just how beautiful she and Lincoln are together. It was lovely.

The Best Breakfast EVER.

Stuffed French Toast. Raspberries + Strawberries + Whip Cream. Oh my. Delish.


Jalene said...

awww!!! i LOVE the pictures. it was so great to have you guys there. we just love you. and i promise i will return your memory card. ugh! i'm such a loser. you probably have so many pictures on there you wish you had. can we plan a day to meet? i sowwy. :(

Katy said...

first of all: I miss you!

secondly: you're absolutely and completely stunningly beautiful!!!!

thirdly: i don't know your friend, Jalene, but i swear, i'd love her! she's so stylish and gorgeous and you're so lucky to be at her wedding!! i bet it was amazing!

fourthly: did i mention you're super duper fabulously wonderfully lovely?

Katy said...

oh and i need the recipe for that Mexican Manicotti, you domestic diva!