Wednesday, June 16, 2010

where i stand.

i disabled my facebook account.

i was getting a little overwhelmed.

im going to miss knowing what my east coast friends are up to...

i kept feeling a lot of pressure.

why am i not buying a new car? taking lavish vacations? etc.

i get that from blogs too.

so if i don't comment, its not because i don't like you.

its because im having a hard time liking myself.

please understand, im not emo.

haven't you ever had a day like that? mine's stretched out just a little.

hope this explains why i haven't posted for a while.

i've been taking a break.

this talk helped a lot.

enjoy the pictures :)


abby and paxton said...

Hey Krista! Hope everything is okay.
Check out this video... another friend of mine just posted it on her blog for her readers to watch it, and I had just read your blog before... so I was thinking of you. Titled Good Things to Come... (hope the link works.)
Love ya babe!

Alan and Kiersten said...

oh i definitely feel that way a lot of the time! sometimes seeing what everyone else is doing is hard. hang in there! it will get better. sometimes it's good to take a break! love you gorgeous!!!

Katy said...

no... no worries.

i had to take a small hiatus from "BLAH-ging" too.

and i know what you mean.

sometimes it got so frustrating reading about how my friends are moving up and on with life...

and i'm still here. in Rexburg. with only one kid. and after nearly 6 years of marriage- i always thought life would be different.... home, bigger family, not in Idaho.

the video your friend told you about is awesome... i totally love it. thank you!!!

Jordan and Crystal said...

I often feel the same way...i can't remember the last time I bought something new. I think your beautiful inside and out....I love President Monson...."Your future is only as bright as your faith...." that keeps me going on tough days...

MB said...

I feel very similar. Luckily the man I married is pretty good at admonishing me when I get that way...but I still feel it. Perhaps we all just need an attitude adjustment sometimes! that is a great talk.