Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Travels to BL

This past Friday we traveled to Bear Lake, UT/ID, depending on which side you land on! We stayed with some amazing friends - consider it one of the last "hurrahs" of the summer before everyone grows up. Boo. haha Thanks to the Rich's for their hospitality and Bob's family for letting us use the cabin - I have never had more fun! This first set of pictures is the drive up, the second set shows just a little of what we did; Jana and Karen also took lots of pictures - we'll have to combine them all sometime!

Sunsets along the drive.... Here are a few reasons that I love summertime in Utah:

My friend, Amber Hall, would pull over in a minute just to take a ride on this lake of glass - their family is nuts about wakeboarding, and that's an understatement. I loved watching them get so pumped about "glass!" I thought about the Halls a lot this weekend! haha

Seriously. Don't you just LOVE this? Well, I ooohed and ahhhhed around every bend, and Tyler must have caught on eventually, b/c he pulled over at a 'scenic overlook' area. Oh my. The moon that night was unreal while we were driving through Evanston, WY. It was enormous!!!!!! And so low! I thought of the children's book, "Goodnight, Moon" because I felt like I could just walk up and touch it!

One last one for good luck. -sigh-

The side of the cabin we stayed in. Bob's grandpa built this with his own hands! The inside was spectacular!
Back/side deck. There was so much space! Check out the awesome Caribbean colors. I was in heaven.

Let me tell you a little story. For those of you who go camping, you'll know that as soon as the sun comes up, you kind of wake up. Let me tell you another story of wakeboarders. As soon as they wake up, which is almost before sunrise, they're getting the boat ready, waiting for their friends (barely), and then around 6:30am, you pile onto the boat and hit the glass. Then, you jump into the freezing water. Oh yes. Freezing. And if you're Jana, left-hand side of the picture, you put on a super old dry-suit, backwards, and then get in and try to wake board. I almost peed my pants. Bob and Steven were awesome and entertaining too, and let me tell you something: My husband, who has never been wake boarding in his entire life, got up on his first try and every time after that. Sheez! Who is this kid?!

David and Zac, waiting around for me to start making breakfast. I think. Don't you love the cabin so far?!

Steven and Bri - lounging. Best way to start the day, well, Steven came wake boarding lol

I'll post more pictures later -> Saturday's activities coming soon! Enjoy the sneak peak of our past weekend's adventures! Time to go for a run!

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Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

What great pictures! I love that cabin its beautiful. I just realized I didn't have your email when I sent out invites to my blog when we went private. If you want an invite, send me an email at :)