Wednesday, June 16, 2010

St. George + More

Fort Cove

The women were so short! This is President Hinckley's grandmother's dress!

St. George - President Brigham Young's Winter Home
I've always dreamed about one of these little kissing gates :)

Front of his house...

Another view...

This is the sitting room in Pres. Young's room. I love the windows. They look right out onto the balcony. I want a balcony too....

Tyler enjoying the tour....

St. George's Statue Exhibit.... Sculptors from around the area display their work all around town....there are tons of these all around town! Here are a few of my favorites:

This describes me perfectly as a child....reading...reading...reading. Oh wait, I'm still like that!

So me. Well, if I owned any of these clothes....maybe its just the attitude of her saucy stance. Love this one. A lot.

Another great statue. Two amazing men.

Tyler enjoying his childhood dreams! Doesn't every little boy love fire engines?

I love the old fire engines....

Oh. I love tabernacles. Did you know that Ty proposed to me in front of the Rexburg Tabernacle? Special meaning to me.

More sculptures....this one was amazing!!!!!!!

There are 4 stained glass windows that depict the region's history... at night you can walk around and watch them glow - they're so pretty.

I'm so excited to have a little guy! (No announcements yet! haha) - Isn't this perfect?

After seeing this view, I don't know why I didn't get married here! Anything this purely white is so representative of me. Did you know that my favorite color is white? No reason besides anything matches with white. So simple. So clean.

 The Sugarloaf. Doug Alder, pictured here with Tyler, was a great host and guide. He and his wife hosted us in their beautiful home and we learned loads. We wished we had just stayed in St. George instead of going on to Vegas.... It was that good.

Learning more about how St. George was planned out and the interesting features about Dixie College, etc. We should have brought a tape recorder. It was so awesome.

Roses at the temple series.....

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Wonderful vactation... beautiful photos!!!

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