Monday, August 2, 2010

bakerella, take 2

So, today I was searching on Smitten Kitchen's website - have you seen that place? Its like heaven. I talked to my dad last night about the funny pie crust troubles I was having, and he told me that I should write a cookbook for chemists. I thought I just might. As I searched Smitten Kitchen, I realized that someone had already started! I made this today from her site:

The Nectarine Brown Butter Buckle!
Doesn't this look awesome!? Oh my, heaven. I never would have know about "brown butter" and how it could be created, but her chemistry directions are a necessity. I made this while on the phone....

Doesn't that just make you happy!? A little bit of nectarine sunshine to brighten the day....

A few left-overs never hurt anyone! I made my slices a little thinner than hers (on accident!) and got to keep the rest! Yum. I love nectarines. I like them a little raw, just before they get mushy-ripe. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy, but either way, that didn't matter for the recipe :) I just like to eat them raw!

45 minutes later, this is what sat before us.... Oh heaven, it was divine. Its like a rich, delicatessen version of peach cobbler, but with nectarines! Thanks to Melissa for letting me borrow a cup of whole milk and the 10'' springform pan! It made everything possible!!!

You guys have got to give it a try! Let me know what you think! Thanks Deb!

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Jillyn said...

I'm basically drooling just looking at your pictures! How are you? We haven't talked in forever. What's the latest with you? I miss you and would love to hear from you. Are yous till on facebook? If not, email me or call. I love you!