Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tiny Tacos

Last night, I wanted to use some of that ground beef that we got - from that stellar purchase, mind you - and found this fun recipe!

You take 4 10" tortillas (flour) and cut them into 4" circles. Cook your ground beef, adding onion. Drain. Remove from heat. Then, add 8 oz tomato sauce; I also added freshly diced tomatoes (from the Bountiful Basket), Taco Seasoning (I add this sparingly...), and next time I'll add green onions - I think that would be scrumptious.  (It also recommends hot sauce, but I'm just a tiny bit of a wimp on that one.)

Then, grease a cupcake pan (I can't remember what they're really called?), I used crisco; and press the 4" tortilla cut outs into the pan, so they fold a little on the sides. Place 1/4 cup of the meat mixture into each tortilla, add a dallop of sour cream, and then top with cheese:
Then, bake at 350' for 25-30 mins, until edges just start to turn golden brown. Wha-la!
I think I'm going to add this to the list of fun things to make/eat with my kids. Did you know I have one of those? I even plan little science lessons to teach them. :)
If you make these, and get creative and add something new, let me know! I'm always looking to be a more creative cook!



Jessica said...

Cute idea! I love that you keep a list of kid-friendly meals. I'm going to start doing that!

Lori Ellsworth said...

These look yummy and easier for kids to eat instead of tacos! So creative, Krista!

Jalene said...

those look dang good!! i'm going to try it out!