Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bad day - funny story

Excited, but stressed.
I was on  my

Get it?
Woke up all night long.

So, when I woke up at 11:30, 
I decided to get ready. 
Minus the electircity that was no longer working in our building.
[which is why I woke up at 8 to do my hair. and fall asleep on it again.]

Then, I made a trip to Target.
Bought Easter supplies.
3 stupid indie rock girls annoyed me.
[hello. bad cramps + pms + stupid girls? yah. no.]

Got home.
Did chores. 
SO excited to paint my nails.
Open nail polish.

no brush. 
-enter bitterness, resentment, anger, and need for chocolate-
called Kels.
head back to Target.


Get to Target.
Exchange nail polish.
Always checking from now on.
-you should too!-

Kels goes to try on a bra, I shop for cute new underwear.
Answer a phone call,
find cute underwear,
end phone call,
Kels comes out,
purchases are made,
and we scream about funny things all the way home.


I run to show Tyler my new underwear!!!
I'm so excited. 
I rip open the package,
start taking out the first pair of underwear.

I unroll, 
keep unrolling, 
and finally


 [ i bought the size 9. see size charts for comparison. i'm not even a size 5 on their list.]

I guess I was feeling pretty bloated.

Just one of those days.


Kelsie said...

Oh my heck! I love the comparison in the size you bought and the size you really are. Too funny!

mb said...

hahahahahahaha, I just died a little.

missriss said...

THAT is a pretty cool bad day. :) Although I gotta tell you Krista, your cute new underpants aren't that cute. ;)

Dawna & Justin said...

HAHA! That is sooooooo funny!!

Jalene said...

hahaha oh noooooo. :(

MacMui Mom said...

Too funny!!! I needed a good laugh today!

Katy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! i'm literally laughing out loud as i type this! your sad face is just pure hilarity! what a perfect post... you. are. the. best.