Monday, April 25, 2011


I finally did something I thought I would never do.
I started a business.
Best part?
The product sells itself, because it actually helps people.
None of this "mumbo-jumbo" in a pill,
or high monthly costs.

I'm no expert, but I've seen them work.
When I heard people talk about it, I felt that it could help me,
 and help people in my life that struggle with health problems, weight loss, etc.
To me, that's worth all the money in the world.


Have you ever heard of Essential Oils, by doTERRA?
Well, I know some of my friends/readers on here absolutely love them.


Have you met me? 
I'm about as western medicine as they come. 
I work in that field. 
What are they going to do?
Is that like snake-skin oil?!

Well, I have got to tell you. 
They are like freakin miracles in a bottle. 
I've watched my friends overcome asthma, morning sickness, 
weight-loss (as in they lost some!), and much much more!
I borrowed their textbook from a friend, and oh my. 
The organic chemistry is fascinating!!!!
[not that anyone else cares...haha]

We had a class, and some great friends came along:

Emily and Cassey taught the class - they are so great.
I work with Emily - she and I are the western medicine junkies.
Her story is so hilarious.

This is the best part about classes - you can sample the oils,
find which one works for you,
and then purchase something if you want.
I like that these classes aren't pushy.
And, no timeshares :)

I ordered a family physician kit,
which contains the 10 oils we talk about in class.
My friend Katy uses them for morning sickness.
I used one for Ty called DeepBlue for his muscle aches from breakin.
He's feeling good so far :)

Anywho, a big thanks to my friends who came tonight!!

Eliza loved it.
Every minute of it!
Her mom, Sarah, is way more Eastern Medicine than I am.
Sarah said, "Krista?! You're looking into doTERRA?"
She didn't believe that I'd ever do this!

A big thanks to Sarah, baby Eliza, Kelsie, and Shae for coming!
And to Emily and Cassey for teaching/hosting!
I'll post more about what essential oils are in the future,
but tomorrow is my first day on for work.

If you're curious, I posted my link below.
Feel free to leave comments/ask questions!


Michelle 2021 said...

Man, I so wish I could have come!! Mare-Bear woke up with a cough this morning and on went the Breathe. She isn't coughing anymore :)

Hope you help a bunch of people. I have to be careful about what I expose myself to during pregnancy, but most things are still permissible, as I've read.

Susan said...

Thank you so much! I have been looking for a source of essential oils such as this, this is awesome! I have heard so many good things about essential oils from my fellow patients at Chronicity (formerly Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center King of Prussia), and this company looks very dependable for the quality and variety that I have been searching for. I'm so glad you posted this and recommend it, I would not have known about it otherwise.

Hikari said...

You'll have to explain this to me. I'm very intrigued by it.

Brian and Jaclyn said...

Krista! I just found your blog through a facebook post. It's been so fun skimming through your blog and catching up on your life :) I hope all is well!

Katy said...

Hey! am I your friend Katy who uses it for morning sickness? because if not, that's a freakish coincidence since I totally relied on digest-zen for my morning sickness (which was a total BEAR to me this last pregnancy!)
and i LOVE Breathe. oh and i can't get enough Citrus Bliss!!
i'm so happy you're a Doterra girl... that stuff seriously does sell itself. best of luck!!!