Saturday, April 9, 2011

My First...



I am very excited to announce the arrival of Thor, my very first car ever. 
He's sleek, silver, and fast.
Roomy, comfy, and pimp [if I do say so myself].

I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to save up for something!!!
This is my second grown-up purchase!
I am quite thrilled!

We are loving it.
And even better were the people we bought it from.
We're totally BBQing with them later in the month!
A new car is great; new friends are better.

Well, almost :) 

-2006 Nissan Murano-


mb said...

this gives me anxiety just thinking about it. New car buying = horrible. Bravo for you!

Sarah Newsom said...


Joseph & Khia Blackner said...

WOW! Congrats! It's so pretty!

Natalie said...

your blog is just beautiful :)

Stacie S-H said...

ommmgosh i love love it! i like cars that are more hatchback style. Its something different! although now i see a lot more of them on the road..and yours doesnt sit as low as my mazda protege5 but silver, good color. Looks like a great investment for years to come!

bob and sara rich said...

Lucky ducks!! It does feel good to get something you've researched, saved up for, and thought a lot about. It's a beautiful thing! So, I hear you like to plan vacations! :) Bobby and I want to go to Cape Cod in August possibly with the Sonkens! But we are most likely for sure going (what is that, like 92.4% sure?). If you want to find us the coolest places to visit and the cheapest (still keeping in mind our safety of course :) places to stay for a road trip that would be fabulous. Oh, and we're wanting to go to Niagra Falls during the week of May 13-21. Probably not that whole time but that's our availability. You can plan that too if you want! We had homemade chinese tonight...yummy. We call it our make-a-friend meal. So, if you have time to do a little travel angenting (yeah, I made that up) feel free to plan some trips for us! ;) Sorry this is more like an e-mail than a blog post comment. I better end this now before I think of more things to say here!! Miss you guys!

Katy said...

NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh it's sooo sexy... i'm totally drooling! let me know if you're just dying to give it away any time soon... i'll be in line! :)