Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Australian Takes America by Storm

 My bro-in-law, Paul.

Remember how he came to visit us? 
Well, he just happens to love Wal-Mart. 
And he loves everyone there.

I'm sure this girl was freaked out. haha
But, Paul needed a picture with everyone!
He shook their hands, 
he videoed their encounter,
and he told everyone, "Welcome to Wal-Mart!"

This guy loved Paul.
Maybe I'll find a better picture. 

For more information about why Paul loves Wal-Mart, get this:
In Australia, there's a 40% income tax. 40%! Are we serious?!?!
So, after you pay 10% to tithing, and 40% to the gov, 
you're bringing home 50% of what you make.
Minimum wage there is $19 (about).
How crappy is that?

So, when Paul came to America, 
we went to Wal-Mart everyday.
Can you blame him!?

 Next, family game time. 

Naturally, whenever Paul + Wendi + the girls come into town,
everyone gathers. 
We'd better, considering its a 24 hour travel day.

 Wade has to read the rules so Scott won't cheat..
haha jk!
Snorta was the first game that they played! So funny!
Next, they played Shooting Ducks.
Both are stellar!

 Iris + Tiia
2 of my favorite nieces!
Tiia is such a great niece - she and I go shopping together, 
because she is the fashion guru in my life.
I'm still rocking polos and birkenstocks. 
Tiia puts me in cute dresses and tiny belts (via botiques), 
You'd have to see her to believe it. 
She's amazing.


Need I say more!?
She was born 2 months before Tyler and I were married.
I've been working really hard since then to get her to think I'm the best.
I'm slowly succeeding!!!

 This is my SIL Jennine.
She's my lifesaver. 
I love her.
Tiia and Iris are hers, along with 3 others. 
They're the only grandkids here in the States.
And we love all of them!

ps - i'm in a current love-hate relationship with my hair.
too long? too red? 
And, I didn't really get ready. Don't look too close. haha

 Jennine and Lauren attempting to feed Ryan, Jennine's youngest.
She's redoing their basement while taking care of 5 kids.
She knocks down walls, 
How. Does. She. Do. It?

Ryan, loving veggies.
Or, something. haha
Tiia + Gus-puppy.
He looks like an Ewalk. (how do you spell that?!)
And, he loves me. 
Every time we come to see Ty's parents, 
he just jumps all over me! 
Ah, I love attention. haha

 1. Ryan tries to grab Paul's ear... Micheal-Lee loves it.

 2. Attempt number two....

3. Got him!!!!


Ty's Birthday Dinner - Rodizio Grill
 Paul + Tyler = hilarious
How awkward is that picture?

 The boy + I


We wish you guys still lived here!!!
We miss you!
Hope to see you in January!!!! 

Love, Krista + Tyler

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Katy said...

HAHAHAHAH!!!! Your bro in law is hilarious!!! I'd LOVE to hang out with all of you guys one night, it would be so much fun. I especially love how excited he is in Wal-Mart.... but after your explanation of Australia's taxes.... I'd be thrilled to! :)