Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Painting Project!

I know I've been a big tease,
not posting my projects!

Well, I finally cracked. 
Here is the first one!

I found this on the side of the road, 
after midnight, 
with Tyler and Paul.

We put it in the back of the Murano,
under the cover of darkness, 
and away we went!

I should have taken a before picture,
but Paul has a before video that he might remember to send me!

It used to be black (on the metal pieces)
and the people before us did something...creative.
They took foam poster board, 
spray painted it red,
and then sewed it onto the back of the frame.

I had to use my seam-ripper to get the dang poster board off.

I grabbed some cheap spray paint,
and painted over the black for the first few coats.
Then, I grabbed the Krylon white spray paint,
gloss finish I think.
And bam!
It looks so much better!

We sold our dishwasher (we never used it)
and then I rearranged my entire kitchen to make room!
Its so nice to have this piece.
Especially since its no longer red and black.
[my entire kitchen is white + wood for the moment]

Stay tuned for the sewing projects!


Stacie said...

that turned out super cute! its amazing what you can find left at the dumpster or side of the road that with a little love, can be used again!

Sarah Newsom said...

Love it! Dont you love what spray paint can do. Please show us more projects :)