Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glasses Case!

Isn't this a darling idea?

I love her blog, and her tutorials are awesome!

I found this little ribbon on a wedding invitation,
so I decided to always have it with me! 
[weddings always make me happy!]

I hand stitched the ribbon, since I decided to add it
I had already sewn the entire thing. 

What do you think!?


Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

love it! I would say I'm going to make it, but lets be honest, I don't make any of the crafts I think I'll make :) But it is so cute.

Stacie said...

i wish i had a sewing machine and knew how to use it better! that turned out super cool

Katy said...

So cute! Love the fabric you chose and the ribbon is a nice touch too ;)

Thanks for sharing the link with me!

Shae said...

I think it is way cute! I love seeing what fun things you come up with :)

mb said...

love. definitely.

Katy said...

SOOO CUTE!! I love it, your projects are awesome, and I'm feeling a bit inspired to try something new out too!

great job, Krista!