Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Farewell to Arms...

The dawn is breaking,
a light shining through.

What are we doing? 
Shufflin' to the new routine.

You see, 
changes are happening around here. 
Goals have been made,
written on the white board,
and are attempting to be conquered.

  -take a deep breath-

everything works out.
it always does.
it always will.

Its sorta like being one of the 
And, we're back.
Back at it.
Hittin' the books.

Am I crazy?
Does anyone recall,
with clarity, mind you,
how I act during the "school-season?"

I'm insane.
Forget living.
I live to study.

This semester,
I'm trying new things.
Working a full 7on/7off,
[that's old]
while going to school online.

Harmless, right?

Preemptive strike on stress:

1) Daily scripture study, personal + couple

2) Exercise 3x + a week

3) Set a routine

4) I started looking at the budget again
(the budget = as much stress as school)

5) Maybe plan out a meal schedule?
(enter wishful thinking)

6) Keep breathing. 

7) Pray.

Remember that entire post I dedicated to faith?
Ironic that now its being tested?
I think not.
More, I think the Lord has a sense of humor
and a plan.
A plan that will make me stronger,
more balanced,
more faithful.
More diligent in His service.
More fervent in prayer.

And so it begins.


Jenny said...

I'm exhausted just reading this. What kind of classes are you taking? Good luck with your goals. I think you'll do great.

Stacie said...

oh my! i thought you were done with school. Where are you taking classes? good luck!

mb said...

Online classes... we can do it!

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

Well good luck with this! Its gotta be a great plan if you're using New Kids as part of your analogy. Yes I know what NKOTB means. I used to own a sweatshirt :)

Kelsie said...

Krista, my love, you are amazing. I know you can do it. Miss you. Call anytime! No, but seriously.