Saturday, April 6, 2013

This Week, Part 2 {Plethora of Pictures!}

 Best $1 I've ever spent?

 This bubble fan, from Target.
I'm contemplating going back and buying them out.
Maybe giving them out as party favors for the big #1?

Ethan was mesmerized. 
And didn't care about the bubbles.
He just wanted the fan thingy.

Bubble party!

 And....1 more.


We are slowly introducing new foods to Ethan.
This week we discovered Mandarin Oranges.
And those yogurt things from Gerber.

We're still trying to figure out how to get them into our mouths,
on the first try.


Ethan was really being a bear.
So, I gave him a lemon:

He loves it!

 After our lemon escapade,
we ran around the kitchen in the walker.

Then, he discovered a baby in the oven!
Can you imagine?!

{super excited!}

 {Pure joy!!!}

We are also baking up a storm today!
You know those fancy White Chocolate Chip + Raspberry Cookies?
Made 'em.
They are killer.

Plus, I whipped up a mean Lemon Crinkle Cookie.

Tomorrow's sessions of conference are going to be delish.

Enjoy conference!

1 comment:

Hikari said...

by baby in the oven, you mean he found his reflection? or he found a sibling? That little babe of yours is super super cute. I will eat him. And your cookies.