Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Up, Down - Touch the Ground

 Hello, from Ethan-bear.

 Want to share my toys?

 How about if I sing you a song?



 Touch the ground!

Puts me in the mood...

 Up, down, touch the ground,

 In the mood... [clap, clap]

 For food!"
Thank you, Pooh Bear!

We sing that a lot!

Today was glorious. 
We played, napped, and played some more.
We took a walk in the lovely sunshine,
snagged daddy as he was driving home,
and walked to the park.

We made some new friends, 

Here's a sneak peak at a little swinging action.
Ethan Bear


Hikari said...

Holy. CUTE.

Ethan and Elodie need to meet. Ethan and Elodie... has a nice ring to it, eh??

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie! enjoy your week off-I'll miss you!

Karen said...

I love those baby yoga moves!