Saturday, April 6, 2013

This Week, Part 1

 We were invited to a luncheon with Grandma Sanders and Aunt Cynthia!

 Ethan is a pretty thick kid. Grandma is a witness!

Bubba is checking out Grandma's offer...

Ethan was standing up with Grandma's assistance! It was so fun to watch!

Grandma Sander, me, and baby Ethan

 Oh you know, just fitting into really small pants again! YAY!

 This week, my good friend Kat and I took our babies to Wheeler Historic Farm!
I'd never been - hilarious, as I once lived right down the street. 
Its such a blast!

 Mac and Ethan, rockin out in the stollers!

 Take 2 :)

I punk'd Ethan pretty good.
You thought you were all shaded?
Not anymore, buddy! 
Its a bright, bright sunshiney day out there!

 These darling lambs were born on Monday, 
and we were there on Thursday!
They still had their eyes closed :)
Probably the most precious thing ever.

Ok, lets be honest.
Kids from the city don't see a lot of "wild/farm life."
This is the BIGGEST pig I've seen,
since Charlotte's Web.
Holy Huge.
It was a big as a cow.
I mean, its legs needed to be longer, but still.
You get the picture.

This is what a happy, sleeping piggy looks like.


 Cute babies!

 The Billy Goats Gruff.


Thanks, Kat!
It was such a fun outing!

I am continually worried that I'm not going to do enough with Ethan,
and this week has shown me otherwise. 
We did so much!
And I loved it.
He was such a peach.

I love this 9 months old stage! 
Its probably the best stage!

Love that lil guy.

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