Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ever feel like you're not good enough at something? Sometimes, I have a hard time with being so creative...what did O-Chem do to me!? haha So, thanks for putting up with my last post. Click on the "Amanda" link in my last post and look at her header - I would really love to do something like that. But, for now...I'll just be impressed that I changed my dang font! Sometimes I think I need therapy...and today....

Today I did a little retail therapy. Now, if you read the post about my camera purchase, you'll know I don't handle spending money well. Ok, I'm getting a little better, but I love, more than anything, a fantastic deal!

Side Note: when we were little, my mom made us Easter dresses and sometimes, she would even sew our dollies the same dresses so we could all match.  So glad that couch is long gone.

Anyway, today I found my Easter dress! Plus, a few surprises!
Guess how much all of these cost?
Go ahead, guess...... The dress was originally $30, and the blue skirt was $34.99....

Well, this adorable little skirt was originally $90. It reminds me of being back east, crabbing, and boating on the Chesapeake Bay. Had to have it.
If that tells you anything.
So, go ahead and guess!

Total purchase cost: $14.96
The dress: $5
The blue skirt: $6
The EAST COAST skirt: $3

(Usually I only find deals like this at Ross or TJ Maxx, but not today! I love finding new places to shop!)

Thank you very much, retail therapy!

Edible Therapy consisted of making stuffed shells again this evening. YUM!!!!!

This dish is SO easy and doesn't take very long! Its ricotta cheese, one egg, cheese, broccoli, tomato sauce, etc. Throw it together, bake it, and AMAZING!!!!!!!

And, can I just say how much I love my camera? These pictures aren't even edited. I love how good the food looks! And let me tell you - it tasted as good as it looks!

Tomorrow will be another day filled with free time. What to do...what to do!


Stacie S-H said...

Your camera is amazing. I cant believe you didnt even have to edit those pix. LOVE the cute clothes you found. Where! Where! I want a skirt like the one you found..LUCKY! What GREAT deals!

Jordan and Crystal said...

I love stuffed shells! Great deals! I have got into couponing lately...It is so satisfying getting a great deal!