Monday, April 12, 2010

Facts to the 4th

The music of my blog has been inspired by and dedicated to:

Have you met Katy?
We worked together at the glorious Madison Memorial Hospital
in good ol' Rexburg, Idaho.

She's the reason I survived with sanity. 

Her kindness is neck'n'neck with her humor.
She's pretty near perfect.
To me.

She is a fighter, a beautiful mom, 
an amazing wife,
and...of course,
a consistent and compassionate friend.
She always has the kindest, most sincere
to pass on to you.
I am grateful to know her.

So, since I like her so much,
I decided I would participate in this game:
(I am a math nerd...not that the math is correct.)

Four shows I watch:
1. Bones
2. CSI
3. Anything on the Food Network, except Sandra Lee
(She's way too coordinated. She kinda scares me.)
4. Criminal Minds
 Four things I'm passionate about:
1. The Gospel
2. The rights of those around me
(I am always fighting for the underdog..can't help it.)
3. Anything involving school....
4. Becoming a good cook :)   
Four phrases I say a lot:
1. Oh MyLanta!
2. You are such a "troll!"
3. Are you cereal? 
(sometimes I do say serious instead...)
4.  Oh, good night!
(accompanied by impatience, boredom, or frustration!)
 Four things I've learned from the past: 
1. Being nice is not overrated, no matter how jaded you feel
2. Grace could possibly become the best attribute you possess. 
God gives it to us - shouldn't we extend that same right to others?
3. Its ok to have a life outside of my textbooks...
4. Don't drive while listening to "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. You just might get pulled over while speeding up without noticing it. No ticket though.....
Four places I would like to go:
1. Home to DE
2. Anywhere but Utah.
3. Prague. My dearest dream.
4. Back in time.  

Four things I did yesterday:
1. Made Lemon Bars - yummy!
2. Attended church, wearing my adorable new dress.
3. Played softball/catch
4. Games with friends - loved it! 

Four things I'm looking forward to:
1. Tyler more year!
2. A new car....
3. Maturing.
4. My family coming to UT for Marissa's wedding. 
First time in seeing them in 2+ years. Hooray! 

Four things I love about Winter: 
1. Most importantly, that it ends!
2. Snowflakes dancing across a dark sky
3. Hot chocolate...with peppermint, from Starbucks :)
4. My birthday! 

Four things on my wish list: 
1. Possession/Application of patience
2. A home in a sunny place with flowers, walls to paint, and a lawn to mow.
Oh yeah, and a pool!
3. Children (3+ years to go!)
I have to mature first lol
4. Peace. Seriously. 
wouldn't you love for everyone to experience peace for a day?

Four people I tag:
1. Rachel M.
2. Bethany G.
3. Jalene B.
4. Leighanne J. 


Katy said...

oh my heart (and head) can't take it anymore... all those compliments got me swelling with pride!!!! Thank you, Kris, you're more than fabulous and I adore you!!!! I completely love the song... um, hello, anything sung in French makes me wilt.

and I love love love LOVE your lists... they're OSUM!!! I completely agree with you on Sandra Lee... she's a bit of a freak show, isn't she?

And you don't need to wait for ANYTHING to become a Mama, you're gonna be the best Mom ever!!! Shoot, if I haven't killed my kid yet- any ol idiot can do it! Your kids are gonna be soooo lucky to have you!!!!!!!

abby and paxton said...

hahahaha Krista those were so funny. You are just silly. And your description of where you want to live sounds like TEXAS to me!!!!! We have sunshine, flowers, lawn, and POOL!! Not in our backyard, but in our neighborhood. You've got to be making lots of money to have your own pool. Sheesh.
And funny you dont like to watch Sandra Lee, because I feel the same way. Whenever I watch FN and Sandra Lee is on, I change it cuz she's just weird.
You haven't seen your family in 2 years???!!! What? I've gotta have a good talk with Tyler... he needs to buy you a ticket to DE. Man oh man!
Miss yoU!!

Luke and Linds said...

Krista! I like you! You make me laugh! I want to hang out with you! So... I just had a flashback to Lauren's wedding reception and remembered that you and Jamie are there in UT! We need to hang out! Ok, so... How about you e-mail me your phone # so next time I go to UT I call you (-: Sound good???
My e-mail is