Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Holy Cabooses. 
This week has been intense, and I hope I get used to it soon!
So, at ARUP, there's a schedule that a lot of people LOVE.
Work 7 days, 10 hrs a day, get paid for 80. 
(You're basically getting paid up front for PTO, Sick Leave, etc)
Then, you get a whole week off.
For someone who doesn't know what to do with free time,
this could serve as an interesting trial. 

So, what do you do when you work from 9:30am - 8:00pm?
You make simple, simple dinners.
Empanada Pie.
(Don't you like my banana book holder?)
Took 15 minutes. 
Tyler inhaled half. 
Picture below:
Amazingly delicious. 
Costs basically nothing.
And, when you come home and have no brain power left...
This is what you need!

I also made the most deliciously simple Broccoli Stuffed Shells.
And boy, oh boy. Those were good.

I worked all weekend. 
Thank heavens for an FM radio.
Conference was such a blessing.
The Spirit was so strong.
Loved it.
Easter morning rolled around,
Ty dropped me off at work,
and I then sent him on a hunt
(via text hints)
to find his Easter Basket.
(He thought I forgot)

When I came home from work,
this was waiting for me:
He dumped his candy out of that basket and put mine in it.
We're thrifty like that. 

Side note:
My dad traveled a lot when I was little.
I got scared, thinking BeetleJuice would come find me.
(Not a good movie to see at age 6....)
So, as a token of his trips and as a protection,
I asked my dad to bring back teddy bears from his trips.
This way, they would watch out for me while he wasn't there.
I naturally happen to love teddy bears. 
I don't own a million or anything,
But this token of love from my husband was very near and dear to my heart.
Besides, the teddy and I have the same color hair...fur...whatever!

Happy Easter-ing!


Kim and Brindy said...

Good luck on the 7/7's. Maybe when summer really hits you'll enjoy it a bit more:)

mb said...

One: I don't know how I feel about the 7 on 7 off deal. I think I'd have a hard time with that! But it would be awesome to have a week off!

Two: I can't believe you had the energy to cook!

Three: love the easter basket exchange/teddy bear story. So sweet

Katy said...

wow, i would totally LOVE the 7 on/7 off deal-- we are always wanting to go out of town and visit family/friends- but can't seem to justify the expense for just a quick 24 hour trip!! Good luck, i'll be excited to see what you do with all that time (probably find a cure for AIDS and Cancer and write a book... all by Wednesday!)

ps. Yum, that pie dinner looks amazing!

pss. You and your hubby are CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!