Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blogger Fonting

Ladies and Gents:

For all of you who want to change the font of your blogger posting titles, etc, I have found a way. I was so bugged when no one else would post how they did it. I'm all for an "everyone advance" type of society, so here's my little plug:

Amanda, bless her heart, has posted the world's nicest tutorial about how to do it. Read everything word for word. Seriously. You'll love your life, if you do it right. She even has a troubleshooting section which makes life grand if you're still stumped after following instructions.


Now its your turn, if you would be so kind, to help me advance. How do I get an amazing image to become my header? I'm slow at this blogging thing, but I'm all for learning. If you have any advice that you wouldn't mind parting with, I will send you a giant hug in the mail.



Creative Stirrings said...

I wish I would have known that you were looking for help with your blog. Melissa and I would have been happy to help. Here is how to change your title to get a picture for the background. Click on the Layout option when you look at your blog options from your Blogger Dashboard. Click on the Page Elements sub-heading (under the Layout Tab). This should show you the basic layout of your blog (an template outline version if you will). Under the big blue line called Navbar is a box with your blog title and in parenthesis the word Header. Find the blue word Edit in the bottom right corner of that same box. Click on it and another window will open called Configure Header. There you will have an image button where you can add a picture to the background of your title. If you have questions email me (call Mel for the address if you don't have it). I hope this helps! -Thomas

Katy said...

AWESOME tutorial-- thank you thank you!!! I've been wanting to change the look of my blog for ages, but i'm too lazy AND dense to figure it out (hence the plain black!)

oh and THANK YOU to your first commenter, Creative Stirrings, for the other tip-- love it!

audrey said...

hey krista! i'm way dense in the blogging world too, so you probably already know this, but i thought i'd share. when i added pictures they never perfectly fit into the border on my blog. i just found out that you can get rid of that border! it's under the fonts and colors section of the layout, called border color. just change the color to match your background. hopefully that helps if you didn't already know it! love ya!

Jordan and Crystal said...

i am still learning too! My sister is the one who set up my blog....good luck

Aaron, Whitney, and kids said...

Hey Krista! I am going to try the font thing because so far nothing has worked for me.

As far as the header goes, do you have a mac? I use pages and just drag whatever picture I want into pages, then I add borders, fonts, whatever. Then I change it to a jpeg file because thats the only way it will work as a header. Let me know if you want to try this way and I'll give you more details.

Good luck!