Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bear Lake Continued, Then California. Whew.

Luckily I have a week off to catch up. This is the bbq pit overlooking the lake - so pretty!

Cornhole. Have you ever played this game? Its sooooo hard!

Tyler and Brianna - competing against each other, looking fierce.

And again....

Jana and I dying of laughter b/c we are soooo bad at this game.

I just love Jana's expression in this picture. Tyler must have said something....haha

The Sonkens  munching on cherries!!!

Step One: Concentrate, pull back beanbag

Step Two: Release passionately. Or, however you can - I just hucked it. Overhand doesn't work.

Step Three: Wait with anticipation....

Step Four: ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!! I did it!

We also did a lot of sunbathing and chatting. Such a great weekend.

 Karen and Zac were way better than Jana and I!!! haha

This is our attempt at getting windboards to sail. Without much of a breeze. So hard, but once the wind started, it got much, much harder!

Bob and Sara- thanks for the awesome weekend! We loved it!!!


mb said...

haha, cornhole IS hard. My cousins always play it...I thought it was a midwest thing, but I guess it isn't!

Aaron, Whitney, and kids said...

Krista that is a BEAUTIFUL picture of you chucking the beanbag (or whatever)! I'm jealous. You should be a dancer. It looks like an awesome trip.

Katy said...

What an awesome vacation!!! loving all the fun photos (especially your super awesome power jump!!!)

you look great, Krista!

ps. cornhole is super fun... mostly cuz the name is super hilarious!

The Porter's said...

Holy Krista, you're technique at cornhole looks amazing.

Looks like you guys had a blast. The cabin in Bear Lake looks nicer than some of the houses in Preston. Haha.