Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I loved this tree in San Diego. I want one :)

Up close. How pretty is that red mulch contrast?! I liked it.

Impromptu family portrait! I have to say, this Thacker family was too much fun - Tyler is best friends with Eric (first row, right) and they grew up just a few houses away from each other in Cali. Its been so nice to become a happy addition - Eric calls me "best friend-in-law!" haha Hence, the weekend in California was awesome. We had so much fun with each other and the hospitality was amazing. I made stuffed french toast for everyone - I may or may not have definitely earned my keep with that feat :)

Characteristic Paul. Please note: this fire hydrant does not belong to the church. I guess its ok to pee on it when that's the case.

Bro. and Sister Thacker. I think this picture could be their Mission President picture. haha Joy radiates from their countenances. I count myself lucky to know them.

Thacker - son to Kristin and Paul, nephew to Eric/Allison/Brian, grandson to Bro. & Sis Thacker.

High energy. Pretty funny :)

Allison, performing her aunt-ly duties :) Bennett is so cute!

 Eric, Kristin, and Allison. These guys are definitely the LIFE of the party, anywhere you go!

This is my favorite picture. Its so funny. Eric and Allison, being awkward. Can't you just feel that from the pic? haha This is classic. Hence, the best was saved for last :)

Thanks for the fabulous weekend, Thackers! We definitely need to do this again!!!! Miss ya!

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