Monday, July 19, 2010

Clearance + Jeans + Love

Today. Clearance was calling my name.

I bought 6 pair of Women's Lucky Jeans for $2.49 a pair.
I bought 2 pair of Big Star Women's Jeans for $5.99 a pair.

Total Cost: $26.94
Total Savings:  $706.59

$30 for 8 pair of jeans. Sometimes, you just have to shop.

(Also, Tyler is trying to get me to "purge" my wardrobe of all the clothes from high school/fresh-soph yr of college. I'm having a hard time. Think of this as motivation!)


Marissa said...

Holy Hannah! You never cease to amaze me with your astounding bargain shopping! How do you do it?! and where!?! Tyson would like me to get new shorts- he doesn't think the ones I made are very impressive haha and its true :)
Next I thinking I may need some of your blogger skill to deck mine out to be cute, but for
love you! and i'll be calling you soon about the Lagoon tickets :)

mb said...

where'd you get 'em? downeast?

Jessica said...

Holy cow! That's amazing! Where did you get them?

Kelsie said...

You are a superstar! Thanks for letting me in on the goodness. :D

Leighanne Johnson said...

so jealous!!! great job! maybe i should have you buy my pants for me! miss you!