Tuesday, July 27, 2010

California. Part 2. A little late.

For those of you who guessed what building that was: This is the answer! We visited the Mormon Battalion Site in San Diego! Ok, so much fun. I would love to go back!

Here's another pretty view! 

The inside; first entryway. The sister missionaries are dressed up in costume; makes the experience pretty fun!

They had interactive picture frames posted on the wall (to the right in the picture just above this one) that talked to each other and the Sister Missionary, then they told the story of the Mormon Battalion. So, as the story progresses, you move from room to room, and this way they get lots of visitors through and keep them entertained.

In this picture, they had 3 tent/movie screens, and they told of how the Saints responded to the call of the US Army.

In this next room, we got our supplies at a store, and the characters knocked on this window to chat with us (inside the room), and right here it starts to rain! We had to close the window after that started...

This cute little guy, Bennett, was such an angel through the whole thing. He just loves my camera.

In the store, they passed around the muskets that the soldiers had to carry - those things were dang heavy! Allison is trying to shoot Eric, but he has foiled her plan! Sister Thacker was loving this sibling dispute! haha

After a few more cool rooms, the Saints ended up in San Diego, and were allowed to go home to Salt Lake. At the end of this trip, you got to take your picture! They printed copies, you could email copies; it was so cool! It was in that old fashioned, sepia-type coloring. It looks pretty authentic! haha

Here's Kristin and Paul's family picture! Thacker can't wait to get down!

Sister Thacker is helping grandson Thacker climb all over the canon! He was loving it!

View of the last room, to symbolize San Diego back in the day. I haven't edited any of these photos (work has been a little hectic lately-I'm exhausted lol) so please excuse all of the visitors on the sides of this photo!

Then, you could go outside and play pioneer/soldier activities! You could pump water...

...you could pan for gold (they also talked about the gold rush of 1849)...

and...you could bring water up from the well! (The pioneers dug lots of these when working at Sutter's Fort.)

Next, there was an "Heritage Park" across the way, and I think its going to end up being one of those historic parts of town that's been renovated to preserve history. Delaware has "Old New Castle," which is a really awesome part of town where William Penn landed and colonized DE. Look it up on google or something. We love it. So, it seems fitting that San Diego get one too :)

Next...scenes from Heritage Park!

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