Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mr. Bones

My mom made one of these when we were kids! I took it to HS for a Day of the Dead party, my teacher swiped it, and ever since, I've felt so bad! So:

(Lisa, this means you!)

Isn't he darling? All you need are a few milk cartons (6-7), string, a one hole punch, a hot glue gun, and a craft knife/blade. This is thrifty, and amazingly durable. 

 Here he is, halfway through assembly! I was really excited to finish!

For some reason, my pictures keep getting flipped! But, you get the idea! 

Tyler is certainly loving Mr. Bones.

I'm thinking of spray-painting him with glow-in-the-dark spray paint, and then hanging him outside!
Also, wouldn't it be fun to attach black "bolts" to his neck? 
Then he'd be my Frankenbones. 

I made one for my mom, to replace the one I lost for her. 
Shh! Don't tell! 

Its already in the mail!

 Again, sorry for the twisted pictures! I've tried everything, even copy and paste. Blogspot did not want me to share this with you! 

So, here's the link! Try it when you have a minute!

I think for those that want to do this with kids, you'll have to wait till the end where they can trace their feet and hands - otherwise, your craft knife/blade and scissors might be a risky temptation for the little ones!

Thank you to my mom (she is very creative!), Family Fun, Caroline for the 1-hole punch, and the sisters of the RS for contributing their milk cartons to my craze...or I mean, cause!

 Tyler says I can't hang him outside until October or until I figure out how. Living in an apartment can be tricky sometimes.... Enjoy!


Brooke @ www.allthingsthrifty.com said...

VERY cute!!! Thanks for sharing your cute, thrifty, Halloween project with me! Love it!

Jenny said...

I LOVE it! Super fun. And how awesome is it that it is something from your childhood - that makes it extra meaningful instead of just way cute.

Whitney said...

So, so cute! I love it, what a fun craft!

Sarah Newsom said...

I want to make one!Its such a cute idea. I love simple projects.

MacMui Mom said...

Sooo cute! I want to know where mine is, especially if I am to keep this a secret. Mia would love it. You are soooo crafty! Love it and you!

mb said...

ha! that is hysterical! I love it! I must try it.