Friday, September 24, 2010

Best Of

I went to the Zoo for a few minutes this week with a great friend and 2 of her kids! Lori and I loved the little baby, Zuri, and her mama elephant - they played and everything! Isn't Zuri cute?

These little guys were hilarious. I miss seeing them so often! We'll definitely do it again soon!

And, if you get the craving for a great hamburger this week, try out Red Robin's Mt. Olympus burger:
Warm Feta cumbles, spinach/artichoke spread, garlic mayo, tomatoes, etc - all on ciabatta bread!
(picture from my phone)

This morning I also helped a great friend, Jaclyn, move - she's on her way to work for the Mayo Health Clinic in MN. I'm definitely going to miss her! And let me tell you! I'm glad I skipped my workout this morning! That was enough! haha So, here's to the rest of the weekend:

-company tonight (we've having egg rolls, ham fried rice, etc)
-Tyler takes the GRE tomorrow (throw a prayer up for him!)
-Volleyball game with Nancy B. Wilson
-Circus with Paul, Wendi, and the girls (in town from Australia)
-Sunday dinners with the fam
-Appetizer night Monday night with friends!

What are you doing this weekend?! (maybe you should head to red robin and try that burger!) Enjoy!

1 comment:

Katy said...

That burger makes me want to strangle a wild beast... it looks soooo GOOD!!! oooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm (that's me trying to get back into my zen state and not start obsessing over this burger...oooommmmmmmmm)

love love love that pic of the elephants, holy crap, i love it!

ps. this weekend will be filled with cleaning... and perhaps a congrats-you-cleaned-your-pigsty-of-a-home-Katy! burger from Red Robin.