Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Jake. You made our weekend.

Go Olympus!!!!! (#12)

Thanks for being the little bro that Tyler never had :)
...and for making him a matching bow tie. You guys were a hit at church :) See you soon, and start anticipating your next loss at 5 Crowns!

Tyler and Krista Hollingshaus


Katy said...

ok, Taylor and I both LOVE the LAX action shots... soooo awesome!! Great pictures (plus, Taylor is still walking down memory lane from his lacrosse days in high school!)

those bowties are the coolest things i have ever seen... seriously... awesome!!! love that picture of the two boys... so GQ, so Dapper, so Top Drawer (said in a British accent, of course)

Cheerio, my dear!

Laurel said...

So great! Glad I jumped on your site. Glad you are feeling better. Now... we want to SEE YOU!